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Jiffy Steamer J-2000M

359.00 €

Product no.: 10101


Pro. Steamer J-2000M

with metal steam head, for fashion stores, photo, showrooms, fashion, home use

Jiffy Steamer J-2000M

The professional steamer with metal nozzle and wooden handle

Areas of application (examples):

Boutiques, fashion stores, showrooms, photo studios
theatre, productions, styling
Fair, Events
doctor's surgeries
Warehouse, returns processing

Use and advantages:

Operation is extremely simple - regardless of the area of application.
The clothes can be smoothed hanging directly on the hanger. This saves time and is convenient (e.g. boutiques, warehouses, showrooms, studios).
Quick and uncomplicated removal of folded sheets (e.g. for new collection/goods). The professional steam smoothers J-2000 (with plastic nozzle) or J-2000M (with metal nozzle) from Jiffy Steamer are a great help here.
Smoothing clothes, curtains and tablecloths. This replaces ironing or going to the cleaners.
Allergens, bacteria and odours can be easily reduced in upholstered furniture or curtains, for example (e.g. for doctor's surgeries).
As soon as steam flows out of the nozzle, you can iron with the steamer. Move the nozzle up and down on the surface of the clothing. Some fabrics are easier to steam from the inside.
When handling the hot steam, always take the necessary care. Keep children away from the steamer.

Warranty and certificates:

3 years warranty
Handmade in the USA
Spare parts and repair service in our headquarters in Hamburg/ Germany

Scope of delivery:

All Jiffy Steamers of the J-2000 series are equipped with a removable plastic water tank (capacity approx. 3 litres/ 1.5 hours steaming time).
The J-2000M model comes with a 170 cm long hose with a metal steam head.
The rod set 3 parts to screw together
A neoprene heat protection for the handle on the steam head
A wrench for easy assembly of the rod and hose. Detailed English operating instructions for easy assembly and use as well as instructions for descaling. A cable tie

Technical details:

Power consumption 1300 Watt
Fast heat-up time with < 1min.
More than 1.5 hours of steaming per water tank filling (2.84 litres)
Steam output: 53 gr/min
220/240 Volt, 50/60 Hertz, Schuko - plug (VDE standard for Germany/France etc.)
Free power plug adapters for Switzerland and Italy or Great Britain (if necessary and available)
Automatic protection switch-off in case of overheating
Easy to fill water tank, closure with spill protection
Filling with tap water or distilled water (the latter slows down calcification)
Heat-resistant cabling in housing
Rugged polymer housing
Heavy brass boiler
Hose length with nozzle approx. 170cm
3-piece suspension device made of thick-walled aluminium
360 degree castors for best mobility
Mounting wrench

Device may only be operated in heated rooms.

Detailed German , English and Spanish operating instructions for easy installation and use as well as instructions for decalcification

Dimensions and weight:

box dimensions: 46 x 31 x 43cm
Unit dimensions: 26 x 38 x 153cm incl. 3-part suspension rod
Weight in carton 8,5 KG

Further information, whether metal or plastic nozzle, can be obtained here.

Product information as PDF

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Garment Steamer
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Garment Steamer
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