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  • info@jiffysteamer.de
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  • Best Customer Reviews by Ekomi

About us

Jiffy Steamer Deutschland GmbH/ based and headquartered in Hamburg, Germany

Jiffy Steamer Deutschland GmbH is an independent and authorised dealer for Jiffy Steamer steam straighteners and accessories in Germany and Europe.

Our unique service

Jiffy Steamer Deutschland GmbH stands for reliable service, fast shipping, expert repair and competent advice. We have been present on the market for over 20 years. Our customers appreciate our many years of experience and product advice for Jiffy Steamers. We find quick and targeted solutions for your concerns and questions.

All Jiffy Steamer products as well as spare parts are in stock in our Hamburg warehouse. Of course, we also carry out repairs for you quickly and without complications.

You can call us directly at any time - this service is especially important if you are working at large events, trade fairs or productions (no call centre or similar).

We are constantly trying to optimise our service and welcome your opinions and comments.

We are satisfied when you are!

Professional processes and logistics

We are the main supplier with the largest stock of Jiffy Steamer units for Germany and Europe.

Our warehouse is located 4km as the crow flies from the port of Hamburg. From here we regularly obtain our goods from Jiffy Steamer in the USA.

Our fast and efficient processes allow us to ship within 24 hours of receiving your order (within Germany). Express shipping is of course also possible.

We are happy to meet individual requirements of major customers throughout the entire supply chain (e.g. delivery to decentralised locations, service contracts, abroad). We offer you service from a single source.

Deliveries to neighbouring European countries are standard for us.

How did it all begin?

The roots of Jiffy Steamer Germany go back to the 90s. A clothing store for photo and film productions had - at that time new and innovative - a steamer from America in use. As a friend of the owners, I was asked at the time to carry out small repairs and descaling on the steamer. The steamer was a JIFFY steamer and attracted more and more interest and passion from me.

So I procured the first spare parts, repaired the steamers and held the first consultations. The circle of interested people grew quickly and steadily, e.g. stylists, photographers, film producers, actors or fashion designers came. My business idea was born!

In my search for the optimal steamer with the highest quality and safety standards, I deliberately chose Jiffy Steamer products. I was convinced by the high-quality, manual production of the Jiffy devices in the USA. Jiffy Steamer has been producing in Union City, Tennessee, since 1940.

With its various configuration options, Jiffy Steamers can be used in many different areas.

The products thus differ significantly from other steamer products and imitations that are manufactured in the Far East, for example.

Important note

Jiffy Steamer Deutschland GmbH is an independent and autonomous sales organisation based and headquartered in Hamburg. We are an authorised and registered dealer for Germany and Europe.

Our exclusive services are only for our customers available.

Areas of application for the steamer

Clothing industry

Event and concert venues



Fashion shows

Photo and film productions


Mail order houses

Fashion Online Shops

Pret à Porter


Interior designers


Outlet Stores




Cruise ships


Thank you for your interest in Jiffy Steamer products.

Your Jiffy Steamer Team