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Jiffy Steamer Deutschland GmbH - Warranty -

This product will be repaired by Jiffy Steamer Deutschland GmbH within and after the warranty period.

Accessories, consumables and spare parts that can be replaced by the end user can be ordered at www.jiffysteamer.de.


Jiffy Steamer Deutschland grants a 3-year warranty for this product against material or manufacturing defects within the warranty period, starting from the date of purchase.

The manufacturer's warranty covers all costs incurred to restore a defective product to its original characteristics, by repair or replacement of a defective part and the labour required to do so. Jiffy Steamer Germany reserves the right to supply a replacement unit of equal or greater value in lieu of repairing the defective unit. Jiffy Steamer Germany sole and exclusive obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement.

Conditions & Exclusions

The Jiffy Steamer Germany warranty only applies within the warranty period and is only valid on presentation of a valid proof of purchase to Jiffy Steamer Germany. The defective appliance can be sent or handed in to Jiffy Steamer Germany, Behringstr.28a, 22765 Hamburg, after consultation with our service team.

Jiffy Steamer Germany is not obliged to repair or replace a product if it is not accompanied by a valid proof of purchase from Jiffy Steamer Germany or if the product has been used commercially. This warranty does not cover damage that may occur as a result of misuse, neglect, failure to follow Jiffy Steamer Germany operating instructions, voltage or frequency other than that specified on the product's nameplate, or alteration or unauthorised repair of the product. Furthermore, it does not extend to normal wear and tear, lack of maintenance or replaced spare parts and the following cases:

- Use of unsuitable fluids (additives) or accessories.

- damage or unsatisfactory results due to incorrect voltage or frequency

- calcification (any decalcification must be carried out in accordance with the operating instructions)

- Accidents such as fire, water, etc.

- Mechanical damage, overloading, overheating due to lack of water

- Penetration of water into the housing, dust or insects into the product

- Breakage of plastic components of the product

- Professional or commercial use

- Damage caused by lightning or overvoltage

Legal rights of the consumer

This Jiffy Steamer Germany warranty does not affect, nor can it exclude, the consumer's statutory rights. This warranty gives the consumer specific rights. The consumer may exercise these rights at his or her own discretion.

Jiffy Steamer Germany GmbH


22765 Hamburg