Jiffy Steamer J-2000 Pink

Jiffy Steamer J-2000 Pink

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The Professional steamer with plastic nozzle in Pink ( dusty pink )

For pink J-2000M ( with Metal Steam Head) and pink J-2000i ( Interchangeable Steam Heads) please ask trough our contact form
You have received new collection / goods and have to remove couch folds , then the professional Steamer J- 2000 or J- 2000M are just right.
The clothes can be directly gesture office hanging on the hanger , which saves time and is comfortable.
For small and medium businesses or home use (eg individual retailers , boutiques , photo studios , etc.)


We recommend our special descaler.

You use the steamer Steamen often , then we can still recommend our protective gloves .

You want to transport the steamer often , then we recommend our practical box

Technical details :
Power 1300 Watts
Fast heat-up time 1 minutes .
About 1.5 hours steaming ( steam ) per tank filling (about 3 liters )
Steam output: 53gr/min
240 Volt , 50/60 Hertz, Cord Cee Plug ( Schuko Stecker )
Circuit breaker with automatic shutdown in case of overheating
Easy to be filled water tank / cap with leakage protection
Filled with tap water or distilled water ( slowed calcification )
Hitzebständige wiring in the housing
Rugged polymer housing
Boilers from solid brass
Length of hose with nozzle ca.170cm
360 degree swivel casters for mobility best
Installation wrench ( with magnet attached under the unit)
Full German manual for easy installation , use, and for descaling
Carton dimensions: 46x31x43cm
Dimensions unit : 26x38x153cm
Weight in box 7.8 KG
Made in the USA
Spare Parts - Repair and Service in Germany
The usage is very simple ...
Rod screw together and screw device (tool with magnetic device attached under )
Screw the hose with nozzle on the steamer
And replace the tank water tank
switch Steamer
Hang the garment on a hanger on the rod of the Steamer
As soon as steam flows out of the nozzle , you can iron with the steamer , by moving the nozzle up and down on the surface of the clothing.
Some substances can be better steaming from the inside.
The steam penetrates deep into the tissue and smooth all the wrinkles
Even odors are neutralized
Not all materials are suitable for steaming.
If you are unsure if the fabric does steaming , first trial steaming
Please have in dealing with the hot steam due care so children are kept away from the steamer

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