Distilled water

Distilled water

Distilled water delays the calcification, but does not prevent it.

Basically our steamers work with distilled water and also with normal water.

It depends entirely on the user, which water is used.

Certainly, there are areas where the tap water is very chalky. Here, it makes sense to use distilled water. Straight when the steamer is very often in use.

Alternatively, a regular care of the steamer also helps against rapid calcification.

How do I know when the steamer has to be decalcified:

The J-2000 / J-2 / J-1 in the black fill area is best to see if the steamer needs to be decalcified. If one removes the water tank, and lime craters lie on the ground, descaling should be urgently needed.

If the models of the J-4000 series show the white lime deposits in the side view window, then descaling is urgently required.

We recommend to descale the Jiffy Steamer our
special decalcifier concentrate.