Jiffy Steamer J-4000W Steamblade

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The Prof. Steamer J-4000W, identical in construction to model J-4000, equipped only with one long nozzle.

Jiffy Steamer J-4000W tube/ long nozzle configuration

Fields of application (examples):

    hat, hat designer
    hair replacement, wig processing
    Processing of foils ( see pictures, e.g. removing foil from windows)
    Decoration, Upholsterer

Not suitable as steamer for clothes, curtains etc.

Use and advantages:

    The professional steamers of the J-4000W ProLine series are best suited wherever hats, hair replacements / wigs need to be reprocessed.
    They are also ideal for removing or processing adhesive foils on glass/windows.
    The operation is comfortable. For continuous professional use, the J-4000W is equipped with a 170cm long hose and a metal tube nozzle.
    The stainless steel water tank is equipped with a window to show the water level.
    As soon as steam comes out of the nozzle, you can start working with the steamer.
    When handling the hot steam, always take the necessary care. Keep children away from the steamer.
    Suitable for continuous use (applies to all Jiffy Steamers of the J-2/ J-2000/ J-4000 series).

Warranty and certificates:

    3 years warranty
    Handmade in the USA
    Spare parts and repair service in our head office in Hamburg/ Germany

Scope of delivery:

    The J-4000 models have an internal stainless steel water tank.
    The housings are made of sturdy cast aluminum, coated with a protective alloy.
    The Jiffy Steamer J-4000W is equipped with a 170cm hose and a robust metal pipe nozzle and wooden handle.
    Also included is a funnel for filling water into the device.
    Detailed German operating instructions for easy installation and use as well as instructions for descaling.

Technical details:

    Power consumption 1500 Watt
    heating time of approx. 18 min
    Steam duration per water tank filling (approx. 3.8 litres): approx. 2 hours
    Internal water tank / filling takes place directly at the unit / filling funnel
    Filling with tap water or distilled water (slows down calcification)
    Steam output: 61gr/min.
    Automatic safety shutdown in case of overheating
    220/240 Volt, 50/60 Hertz, Schuko plug (standard in Germany and also in many EU countries)
    Heat resistant cabling in the housing
    Robust, coated aluminium housing
    360 degree swivel castors for best mobility
    Mounting key (fixed with magnet under the steamer)

Dimensions and weight:

    Carton Dimensions (L x W x H): 50 x 30 x 32cm
    Steamer dimensions, assembled (L x W x H): 50 x 28 x 155cm
    Hose length with tubular nozzle - long nozzle (with wooden handle): approx. 170cm
    Weight in box: approx. 12 KG


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