Repair Services

Repair Services

Our repair services

Expert repairs are part of our comprehensive service.

We offer the following standards:

Decalcification single J-2000/J-2/J-1:      30,00 Euro plus VAT, plus shipping costs.
Decalcification complete J-2000/J-2/J-1: 80,00 Euro plus VAT, plus shipping
Exchange new heating unit J-2000/J-2/J-1 with water fill cup, brass fitting and O-ring (recommended for frequent users): 165,00 Euro plus VAT, plus shipping costs

Descaling single J-4000: 40.00 Euro plus VAT, plus shipping
Exchange heating unit J-4000 complete: 185.00 Euro plus VAT, plus shipping costs.

Good repair also means good advice.
Please feel free to contact us, we will prepare a cost estimate (KVA) based on your specific description and individual request.
A waste incineration plant is subject to a charge, but can be set off against the cost of the invoice if repairs or descaling are required.

For orders/ further questions please use our contact form.
You can also find further information in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

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Heating Unit Jiffy Steamer Model J-2000, J-2, J-1

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