Repair Services

Our repair service

Our customer service is always there for you with first-class service and reliable spare parts supply. Expert repairs are also part of our service.

Good repair also means good advice.

Contact us in advance for an initial consultation and then send us your Jiffy Steamer. As soon as the steamer arrives we will prepare a cost estimate.

As soon as you have released the KVA, we will repair the steamer and you will receive the repaired device back within a few days.

If a steamer can still be switched on but no steam comes out, it is usually calcified (models J-2, J-2000 and J-1).

For orders/ further questions please use our contact form.

You can also find further information in the Frequently Asked Questions section.


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Retread water system model J-2000/ J-2/ J-1

Product no.: 10117

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