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Replace Plastic Steamhead for Jiffy Steamer

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Plastic nozzle with handles Replacement set for defective plastic nozzles Jiffy Steamer J-2, J-2000, J-4000

If the plastic nozzle is defective, you can use this set to replace the nozzle. (Attention! Defective nozzles mean an increased risk of scalding).

To assemble, switch on the steamer briefly so that the hose is warm and thus supple. Now use a screwdriver or similar to push the handle apart and remove it. Pull the nozzle out of the hose.

Take the new nozzle out of the box and push it into the hose as far as it will go.

Then clamp the bottom of the handle (shown here on the left) onto the hose.

Now press the upper handle together with the lower handle above the hose.


Alternatively, you could replace the plastic nozzle with the metal nozzle with wooden handle.

Important note about the hose:

If the hose is rather immobile when cooled down and the material feels very firm, these are signs of age of the material and you should replace the whole hose with nozzle to be on the safe side.

The hose no longer has the elasticity and stability to hold the new nozzle securely in the hose.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.

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